Physical Metallurgy Laboratory

Leading researcher, head of laboratory, PhD (Engineering), Khlebnikova Yuliya Valentinovna

Chief researcher, head of laboratory, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Tabatchikova Tat'yana Innokent'yevna

Laboratory staff: fellow worker - 24, of which: doctors of Sciences - 8, candidates of Sciences - 7

Research Areas

  • Influence of thermomechanical treatment, a magnetic field, severe deformation under friction on the structural-phase transformations in steels and alloys
  • Ways to improve the physical and mechanical properties of steels and alloys
  • High-energy pulsed exposure (dynamic channel-angular pressing, shock-wave loading) and their influence on the structural-phase transformations, changes in physical and mechanical properties of steels and alloys, including obtaining nanostructured and submicrocrystalline states