Chief researcher, head of laboratory, head of отделом, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Corresponding member of RAS, Makarov Aleksey Viktorovich

Laboratory staff: fellow worker - 35, of which: doctors of Sciences - 2, candidates of Sciences - 14



Laboratory of mechanical properties of IMP Ural branch of RAS was founded in 1932. Its organizer and its first head (up to 1949) was Dr. of Scinces., Professor Michail V. Yakutovich. Further laboratory led by G. N. Kolesnikov (1949-1951), Professor Viktor A. Pavlov (1951-1981.), Member-Correspondent of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Victor V. Sagaradze (1982-2014 years). Since 2014, the laboratory is headed by Dr. of Sciences, Professor Alexey Makarov.


Research Areas

  • Anomalous diffusive structural-phase transformations in the course of cold megaplastic deformation
  • Improvement of mechanical properties of steels and alloys such as strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, radiation resistance
  • Nanostructuring of steels and alloys under the cyclic martensitic transformations and high-temperature deformation
  • Obtaining of high strength metallic materials having improved functional properties (steels with the controlled shape-memory effect, the controlled thermal expansion coefficient, and high corrosion and mechanical properties)


Experimental features

  • Mössbauer transmission spectroscopy
  • Investigation of mechanical properties of alloys