Laboratory of Magnetic Semiconductors

Leading researcher, head of laboratory, PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Telegin Andrey Vladimirovich

Laboratory staff: fellow worker - 22, of which: doctors of Sciences - 4, candidates of Sciences - 7

Research Area:

Magnetic semiconductors: creation, spin-dependent phenomena in bulk, thin-film and nanostructured materials


Main scientific activity:

Synthesis of poly- and single crystals of novel complex oxide materials based on 3d- and 4f-metal compounds;

Mechano-physical methods for the synthesis of nanomaterials as well the development and production of new functional magnetic materials for spintronics and optoelectronics;

Spin-transport, optical and magneto-optical measurements, study of photoinduced and galvanomagnetic phenomena;

Study of high-frequency magnetic dynamics and FMR in semiconducting and metallic thin-film and nanostructures.