Minin Artem Sergeevich

М.н.с (Laboratory of Applied Magnetism )

Contact information:
Phone.: 378-37-48

Scientometric data (as of 15.03.2018):
Web of Science: h-index - 3; Sum of the Times Cited - 27
SCIENCE INDEX: h-index - 1; Sum of the Times Cited - 6
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2) Conjugation of carbon coated-iron nanoparticles with biomolecules for NMR-based assay [Текст] / Pavel Khramtsov, Maria Kropaneva, Il’ya Byzov, Artem Minin, Alexey Mysik, Valeria Timganova, Maria Bochkova, Mikhail Uimin, Svetlana Zamorina, Anatoly Yermakov, Mikhail Rayev // Colloids and surfaces B: Biointerfaces. — 2019. — V. 176. — P. 256 (9 pages)

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