Department of Precision Metallurgy and Pressure Processing Technologies

Head of Department
Doctor of Science (Engineering)
Degtyarev Mikhail Vasil'yevich
tel.: 374-42-87, 378-38-18

 Scientific Head of Department
Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics)
Grinberg Bella Aleksandrovna
tel.: 378-35-72

Division structure:

  • Laboratory of Precision Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds
  • Influence of the crystallization conditions, deformation and heat treatment on the structure, phase composition, and physical properties of nickel-, copper-, and iron-based structural alloys; Massive, film and nanocomposite superconductors with high strength and superconducting properties

    Head of Laboratory:
    Doctor of Science (Engineering), Degtyarev Mikhail Vasil'yevich, tel.: 374-42-87, 378-38-18

  • Strength Laboratory
  • Formation of microstructures, physico-mechanical and functional properties of intermetallics, ordered alloys, and pure metals under severe deformations: from the development of theoretical approaches to the creation of new materials

    Head of Laboratory:
    Doctor of Science (Engineering), Volkov Aleksey Yur'yevich, tel.: 374-40-54

  • High Pressure Physics Laboratory
  • Formation of bulk nanocrystalline structures of refractory metals in the course of fragmentation process under severe deformation and high pressure; Structures and the hazard zones of layered composites of metal-metal, metal-intermetallide and heterophase materials (explosion welding, reaction sintering, explosive loading)

    Head of Laboratory:
    PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Pilyugin Vitaliy Prokof'yevich, tel.: 378-38-05

  • Sector of Synthesis of Alloys and Single-crystals

  • Head of Laboratory:
    PhD (Engineering), Akshentsev Yuriy Nikolaevich, tel.: 374-50-10