Department of Non-destructive Testing

Head of Department
Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor
Smorodinskiy Yakov Gavrilovich
tel.: 374-43-82, 378-37-42

 Scientific Head of Department
член-корр. РАН, Doctor of Science (Engineering)
Shcherbinin Vitaliy Evgen'yevich
tel.: 374-43-61

Division structure:

  • Flaw Detection Laboratory
  • Non-destructive control and diagnostics of a wide assortment of pipes during the process of production and operation

    Head of Laboratory:
    Doctor of Science (Engineering), Shleenkov Aleksandr Sergeevich, tel.: 374-42-11

  • Laboratory of Integrated Control Methods
  • Non-contact electromagnetic and electromagnetic-acoustic methods of control and diagnostics of industrial objects and products under operation condiitons

    Head of Laboratory:
    Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor, Smorodinskiy Yakov Gavrilovich, tel.: 374-43-82, 378-37-42

  • Laboratory of Magnetic Structural Analysis
  • Magnetic structural analysis and diagnosis of stress state of objects made from steels and alloys used in the power industry and engineering

    Head of Laboratory:
    Doctor of Science (Engineering), Nichipuruk Aleksandr Petrovich, tel.: 374-44-90

  • Laboratory of Thermomagnetic Treatment
  • Development of new technologies for treatment of soft magnetic materials by means of high-energy impacts

    Head of Laboratory:
    PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Pudov Vladimir Ivanovich, tel.: 378-36-74, 378-36-94, 378-37-20

  • Laboratory of Intelligent Diagnostic Technologies

  • Head of Laboratory:
    PhD (Engineering), Vasilenko Ol'ga Nikolaevna, tel.: 378 36 59