Department of Magnetic Materials

Head of Department
Д.ф.-м.н.,Academician RAS
Mushnikov Nikolay Varfolomeevich
tel.: 374-02-30, 378-36-75, 374-59-34 (УрО)

Division structure:

  • Micromagnetism Laboratory
  • Micromagnetic properties and phase transformations in magnetically ordered alloys and compounds with different structural states; Development of new magnetic materials

    Head of Laboratory:
    Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Ershov Nikolay Vladimirovich, tel.: 378-37-94

  • Laboratory of Applied Magnetism
  • Nanoparticulate systems for technical and biomedical applications; Development of special magnet systems for engineering and nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry for geophysical and medical applications

    Head of Laboratory:
    PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Uymin Mikhail Aleksandrovich, tel.: 378-35-69

  • Laboratory of Ferromagnetic Alloys
  • Magnetic, magnetocaloric, and magnetotransport properties of multicomponent and intermetallic compounds of transition metals and magnetic materials based on them

    Head of Laboratory:
    Д.ф.-м.н.,Academician RAS, Mushnikov Nikolay Varfolomeevich, tel.: 374-02-30, 378-36-75, 374-59-34 (УрО)

  • Laboratory of Advanced Magnetic Materials

  • Head of Laboratory:
    PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Gerasimov Evgeniy Germanovich, tel.: 378-36-93