Laboratory of Ferromagnetic Alloys

Mushnikov Nikolay Varfolomeevich

Д.ф.-м.н.,Academician RAS

Director, head of department , head of laboratory (Laboratory of Ferromagnetic Alloys)

Contact information:
Phone.: 374-02-30, 378-36-75, 374-59-34 (УрО)

Scientometric data (as of 15.03.2018):
Web of Science: h-index - 17; Sum of the Times Cited - 2030
SCIENCE INDEX: h-index - 17; Sum of the Times Cited - 2130
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1) Element- and orbital-selective magnetic coherent rotation at the first-order phase transition of a hard uniaxial ferrimagnet
Sh. Yamamoto, D. I. Gorbunov, H. Akai, H. Yasumura, Y. Kotani, T. Nakamura, T. Kato, N. V. Mushnikov, A. V. Andreev, H. Nojiri, J. Wosnitza
Physical Review B, V.101, №. 17, p.174430(6 pages) 2020

2) Easy-plane magnetic anisotropy in layered GdMn2Si2 compound with easy-axis magnetocrystalline anisotropy
E.G. Gerasimov, P.B. Terentev, A.F. Gubkin, H.E. Fischer, D.I. Gorbunov, N.V. Mushnikov
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, V.818, №. , p.152902(6 pages) 2020

3) Magnetic Properties of Non-Stoichiometric 4f–3d Intermetallics
N. V. Mushnikov, E. G. Gerasimov, P. B. Terentev, V. S. Gaviko, A. A. Inishev
Physics of Metals and Metallography (english only), V.120, №. 13, p.1374(7 pages) 2019


1) Anisotropic magnetoelastic contribution to the thermal expansion of crystal lattice in FePd alloy the L10 structure
V.S.Gaviko, A.G.Popov, N.V.Mushnikov
Poster report on conference (VII Euro-Asian Symp. «Trends in MAGnetism» (EASTMAG-2019)) 2019

2) Magnetic structures of La1-xTbxMn2Si2 compounds
A.Pirogov, E.Gerasimov, N.Mushnikov, P.Terentev, V.Gaviko
Poster report on conference (European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS 2019)) 2019

3) Magnetic properties of non-stoichiometric 4f-3d intermetallics
N.V.Mushnikov, E.G.Gerasimov, P.B.Terentev, V.S.Gaviko, A.A.Inishev
Talk report on conference (VII Euro-Asian Symp. «Trends in MAGnetism» (EASTMAG-2019)) 2019