Corresponding member of the RAS Sagaradze Viktor Vladimirovich

Sagaradze Viktor Vladimirovich is a known expert in the field of physical materials science in Russia and abroad, an Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2011), Doctor of Sciences in Engineering, majoring in Solid State Physics (1980), Professor (1987). The scale of his works in collaboration with colleagues and students is huge. They have examined phase and structural transformations in metals and alloys under extreme external influences (strong deformation and intense radiation) and invented original scientific approaches to the creation of high-strength structural steels with new functional properties.

The name of V.V. Sagaradze is associated with the introduction to the physical metallography of new concepts such as gamma-martensite, magnetic dispersion hardening, etc.

Among the most significant scientific results obtained by V.V. Sagaradze together with colleagues are:

- The discovery of atomic layering of iron-based solid solutions under cold deformation, with the generation and migration of deformation-induced point defects observing;

- The development of scientific principles of bulk nanostructuring of metastable steels by means of cyclical g-a-g transformations;

- The elucidation of the structural mechanism of anomalous processes of dissolving lowtemperature second phases (intermetallic compounds, carbides, nitrides, and oxides) in matrices of steels and alloys under intensive cold deformation;

- The justification of a fundamentally new approach to the creation of heat-resistant steels reinforced with yttrium and titanium oxides for the next generation of reactors. The principle of this method is to use low-stability iron oxides during mechanical alloying, in particular, magnetite as an oxygen carrier against hardly soluble yttrium oxides with high interatomic bonding energy.

- The creation of alloys with the controllable linear expansion coefficient; phase-hardened austenitic steels with high fatigue strength; carburizing wear-resistant non-magnetic steels; nonferrous steels for special shipbuilding; precipitation hardening Mn-V steels with the controllable shape memory effect; radiation-resistant reactor steels with a large number of point-defect sinks such as a/g interphase boundaries; intermetallic compounds, and etc.

Viktor Vladimirovich Sagaradze was born on September 28, 1941 in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. After graduating from the Ural Polytechnic Institute (Sverdlovsk) in 1963, he had been working for 5 years at the plant “Uralvagonzavod” in Nizhny Tagil as an engineer, and then he became a head of the Laboratory of Metallography (1966). From 1968 to 1982 he worked at the Institute of Metal Physics as a researcher. From 1982 to 2013 V.V. Sagaradze managed the Laboratory of Mechanical Properties. He defended his candidate (1970) and doctoral (1980) theses. He is currently a Chief researcher, scientific director of the Department of Materials of IMP.

Now he is a Chairperson of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ural Federal University (HAC UrFU), majoring in “Materials in mechanical engineering”, a member of the editorial board of the journal “Physics of Metals and Metallography”, a Deputy Chairperson of the RAS Council on radiation solid state physics, a member of a specialized doctoral council at the IMP UB RAS. V.V. Sagaradze bears the title “Honored Worker of Science” (2009), he is a winner of the P.P. Anosov Prize of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1984), is awarded the Medal “For Service to the Motherland” of II degree (1999), is a twice winner of the V.D. Sadovsky Prize, an author of 9 monographs, 30 authorship certificates and patents, more than 300 publications mainly in journals indexed in the Web of Science. He is an active organizer of many international conferences. Among his disciples there are 16 Candidates and 3 Doctors of Sciences.